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=/\=Borg Jokes

=/\=Top 10 Best (Worst) Ways to Kill Wesley Crusher

=/\=The Top Ten April Fool's Jokes on the Enterprise

=/\=Top Ten Fun Things To Do Aboard The Starship Enterprise:

=/\=Top Ten Practical Jokes on the Next Generation

=/\=Top Ten Bumper Stickers on the USS Enterprise

=/\=Top Twenty uses for Data's detached head

=/\=Surefire signs that Star Trek is taking over your life

=/\=The Top Ten Favorite Activities of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard

=/\=Top Ten Hobbies of William T. Riker

=/\=The Top Ten Secrets of the Enterprise

=/\=Top 21 Signs That the Enterprise is Nearing the End of its Warranty

=/\=Your Starship Captain might be a Redneck if...

=/\=Reasons Why Kirk and Janeway Would Make a Great Couple

=/\=Top Signs Captain Kirk Went to Cal Poly

=/\=Top Ten Plot Twists in the "Clinton on the Enterprise" Episode

=/\=The Top Twenty surprise plot twists in upcoming TNG episodes

=/\=Top 10 reasons why the Federation will never win

=/\=Top Ten Reasons why the Federation doesn't use cloaking devices:

=/\=The Top 10 reasons to be concerned about the USS Voyager: by David Letterman.

=/\=Top Ten results if the Borg assimilated the Nanite culture

=/\=Top 10 things we really wanted to see in 'The Chase'

=/\=Top 10 ways commanders Handle Pressure Situations.

=/\=Top 10 least known Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

=/\=The Top 19 Things You're Not About To Hear on The Enterprise

=/\=91 Things that never happen in Star Trek

=/\=Top ten reasons Star Trek TNG was canceled

=/\=Reasons why Kirk is better than Picard

=/\=Why Picard is better than Kirk

=/\=Why Sisko is better than Picard and Kirk

=/\=Why Janeway is better than all three!

=/\=Star Trek TNG Meets Microsoft

=/\=Star Trek light bulb jokes

=/\=Fifty Ways to Kill an Ensign

=/\=End of the Borg

=/\=Why the chicken crossed the road according to various Star Trek charecters

=/\=Everything I need to know, I learned from Watching Star Trek

=/\=Star Trek Jokes

=/\=Presidential Campaign Slogans

=/\=Voyager Parody

=/\=The Top Ten Pranks at Q University

=/\=Top Ten Pickup Lines of the Q

=/\=Top 10 Immediate Results of the Federation' Defeat at Wolf 359

=/\=ST:TNG Night Before Christmas

=/\=Reasons Why the Star Wars Characters Would Kick Butt in the Star Trek Universe

=/\=Star Trek with Dilbert Management

=/\=Top 10 Least Popular Courses at Starfleet Academy

=/\=Top 10 Starfleet General Orders Other Than the Prime Directive

=/\=Top 10 Ferengi Pickup Lines

=/\=~~Next Generation meets Dr. Seuss~~

=/\=Star Terk: The Lost Episode

=/\=Star Trek meets Windows 95

=/\=Top Ten Mishaps That Happened On Dax's First Mission new

=/\=Star Trek Groaners new

=/\=Data's Top Ten (Pre-Generations) Attempts at Humornew

=/\=Words of Spock new

=/\=Voyager Knock-Knock Jokes new

=/\=Top Ten Misconceptions About The Starship Voyager And Her Crew new

=/\=Trekkers vs. Trekkies new



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