Top 10 Immediate Results
of the Federation' Defeat at Wolf 359

10. Admirals may no longer use starships solely to impress dates.
9. Package delivery really, really hampered.
8. Now everyone has the opportunity to be the only ship in the sector!
7. List of "retired" NCC numbers jumped 25% in one hour.
6. Night before "Active Ship Roster" quiz, students in Starfleet Academy's Fleet Operations 101 class can go out and party instead of pulling an all-nighter like last year's class.
5. Certain entrepeneurs left with a huge glut of "I Kicked Some Borg Butt At Wolf 359" T-shirts.
4. Special "War and Dismemberment" mini-series planned.
3. Utopia Planetia Shipyards, Inc. stock up 340%.
2. Sudden upturn in number of people applying for Space Salvage license.
1. Sector renamed "Sheep 359".