Top 10 things we really wanted to see in 'The Chase'

  1. Eric Luenville come in at any point and start off by saying "Dr. Auschlander..."
  2. Picard drop that relic (or throw it in a fit of rage)
  3. Worf just smile smugly when the Iridian ship blew up and say "OOPS"
  4. Riker hit on that Cardassian Captain
  5. Picard roll metal balls in his hand when Crusher and Troi were talking to him
  6. Two words: The Borg
  7. More interaction between Data and the Klingon Captain
  8. The Romulan away team being led by Sela, just so we can see her screw up again
  9. After the message playing, everyone who saw it saying in unison "That's it?"
  10. Right after the message, the sound of a Ferengi saying "D'oh!" from behind a rock