Top 10 Starfleet General Orders
Other Than the Prime Directive

10. Order 13: No flag officer shall be required to perform a fan-dance.

9. Order 101: No transmissions on an open channel may contain the term "gnarly".

8. Order 4: Pony tails are only allowed for peronnel who have whacked a guy with a bat'leth.

7. Order 21: Phaser rifles may no longer be used to warm cheeseburgers.

6. Order 993: During first contact situations, senior officers are discouraged from telling alien races that they "smell like old socks".

5. Medical Regulation 702-B: All cheese products must report for annual physical.

4. Order 218: Unused bridge stations be used for "Mortal Kombat" tournaments only in drydock.

3. Order 8: When the Prime Directive is violated, the nearest starbase shall convene a court-martial to determine if it was a dramatic necessity.<.P 2. Order 66: When in a parking orbit over a non-Federation world, "The Club" should be locked in position over Conn and Ops stations.

1. Order 231: If bridge officers wish to chew gum, they must bring enough for entire bridge crew.