What if the Borg assimilated the Nanite culture
(they are an intelligent life form packing lots of tech, the Borg should be interested).

Ten results:

  1. Borg ships the size of softballs.
  2. Borg ships with the power output of a 30W light bulb.
  3. Borg assimilation of tricorders and hand phasers becomes a real annoyance for Starfleet.
  4. Borg get massacred by Packleds.
  5. Ferengi discover that a trash can with a Borg cube in the bottom never has to be emptied.
  6. Borg endangered by felines playing with their cubes.
  7. The Borg scout cubes are found to be the advance over the Swiss Army knife that the Boy Scout knife wasn't.
  8. Borg cubes make a great substitute for bricks.
  9. Borg space heaters.
  10. Borg Hockey!