End of the Borg

parody of End of the World by REM

adapted by Trollus of Borg (That's we!!!)

It's great it started with the Q shake.

Borg and space and Enterprise but Jean-Luc was not afraid.

In a heap a trouble listen to your stomach churn.

They serve they're own needs spreading out they're metal weeds.

Speed it up to warp speed show no weakness

The clatter was the matter with a Borg flight turned fight

Borg conspire to a fire represents they're evil games

but no one was for hire for this combat site.

Enterprise coming in a hurry with the Furies breathing down they're neck

Team by team scientists travel trunk flying clunk look through that plane

Fine then uh oh overflow population problem

Borg come back to duel save yourself serve yourself

Borg serves it's own needs listen to your last heartbeat

Tell me that the Feds are and the Enterprise are on the right path.

The electronic symbiotic slam fight might right feeling pretty psyched.

It's the end of the Borg as we know it and I feel great

Wolf 359 don't get caught foreign powers

Sliced and burned return listen to your stomach churn Locutus in his uniform

And ship-burning blood-letting every moment worse fate

Borg ship incinerate light a candle in memorial

Sisko's wife stepped down watching her crunch crush

Uh oh this mean much fear the cavalier 3 of 5 steer clear

Turn him on and Turn him in and turn them into files.

This one solution offers me one alternative so I decline

It's the end of the Borg as we know it and I feel great

The other night I had a nice necessary talk to find

independence through the collective and Hugh.

Let him go. Let him free. Into Lore's plot.

Crashed the party piece of cake Lore's plan boom

Symbiotic electronic not the same right? right!

It's the end of the Borg as we know it and I feel great