Top Ten Mishaps That Happened On Dax's First Mission

10. The minor detail of running over the Stay-puff Marshmallow Man
  9. Stopping off to see how the new tribble colony is doing
  8. Starfleet stock dropped 500 points
  7. Someone switched the spent phaser power packs with plastic flamingos
  6. Every television in the universe mysteriously exploded at once
  5. The Defiant attracted a wandering temporal vortex. As a consequence, Bill Clinton was never born. No one noticed.
  4. Locating the mythical Temple of Shatner's Piece
  3. Paying $90 to get Shatner's autograph at the mythical Temple of Shatner's Piece
  2. After being away from Worf, realizing that Julian really is way better for Dax. Minor changes are made to the upcoming wedding plans. (wait, this isn't a mishap...)
  1. Getting lost in the Argolius Cluster...and having to ask directions from a passing Jem'Hadar ship