Top Ten Reasons why the Federation doesn't use cloaking devices:

  1. Test vessels keep disappearing and are never seen again.
  2. Head of Starfleet has Bugblatter Beast Syndrome and thinks that if the enemy can't see us, we can't see them.
  3. Insurance company won't cover accidents involving two cloaked ships colliding into each other.
  4. Afraid it would make it too easy for Kirk to steal another ship out of the docking bay.
  5. It wouldn't help anyway, Q would still find them.
  6. Don't want anyone to find out what _*really*_ happened to Pulaski.
  7. External shots of the ship would be extremely dull.
  8. Don't want to admit that for once, Klingons had a really good idea.
  9. Mike Okuda and Rick Sternbach can't find the model they made of the cloaked Enterprise.