All About ME!

Nickname (plus screen name):

JennyElf98 (screen-name), Uh... someone used to call me slugger once, and someone else seems to think that calling me a silly, pink banana is a good idea *grin*, other than that, most people tend to call me JennyElf.


I have one I think

Siblings & Their Ages:

Sunaree --- 17


MIT!!!!! I love it here!

Future School:

Um... I dunno. I'll tell you in three years.

Best Friends:

Cheryl, Amar, Arjun, Stefie, and Bill (who without I would have never made it through my first year of college. Thanks you guys!)

Pets & Their Names:

Actually.. I've never had a pet in my life... My roommate last year had a fish though; does that count for anything?
No? Okay, how about the dust bunnies under my bed? Yes I know I was a deprived child. Oh wait I have a tamagotchi. I think it's dead now though.


um.. none really... if you really want to label me with a job you can call me a student I guess. Or a manager in training.

Things I like to do:

Anything music... talk on the phone, parties, the net, um... movies, spend time with friends and other stuff...

Things I Collect:

I have the world's largest collection of seashells. I keep it scattered on beaches all over the world. Maybe you've seen some of it. Oh any I also collect keychains of places I've been.

Best Advice Ever Given:

"Everything Changes and if they didn't, you'd be disappointed." Actually that advice was given to me by a good friend of mine in 6th grade.

Words Or Phrases You Overuse:

THINGIE -- this one annoys my dad to death

A Non-Sport Game At Which You Excel:

Free Cell, except my sister says I cheat

A Non-Sport Game Which You Enjoy:

Annoying people when I'm on a sugar high

Dream Car:

Any car!! Then again, who wants to drive in Boston? The other drivers here are CRAZY!!!! The T system here is nice though.

Coolest Experience In Life:

White water rafting

Scariest Thing You've Ever Done:

Jump down boulders in the rain or sit outside in the middle of a big lightening storm

Fave Thing To Do In The Summer:

Go to Nags Head, NC (y'know where all the hurricanes hit?) and have fun on the beach --- sleep, sleep, sleep some more

Fave Thing To Do In The Fall:

Wait for my birthday

Fave Thing To Do In The Winter:

Go to New York (every other year for Xmas)

Little-Known Talent You Possess:

I can get hyper off of six M&M's

Special Skills Or Talents:

Math, or at least in high school.

Song That Couldn't Be Improved Upon:

"Another Brick in the Wall" -- Pink Floyd

Special Awards You've Won:

Who cares and why?

Character Traits You Look For Most In A Person:

Kind, caring, listener, willing to put up with my crazy moods, sense of humor

What You Want To Be:

I have no idea.. Scientist? Computer programer? A lot of people think I should be a teacher.

Future Goals:

success... etc. and to be happy

Denomination (if any):


Church (if any):


Favorite Bible verse:

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 --- this was a cool song too by the Byrds

Fave Music:

alternative... kinda...something that has a beat and doesn't have a cuss word in every other line

Groups/Singers I Enjoy:

Ace of Base (sorry to those who hate it), Jewel :-), Pink Floyd, Greatful Dead, Savage Garden, N'Sync

Fave Color:

ANY shade of BLUE

Fave Food:

Lasagna... same as Garfield!

Least Fave Food:

Durian... now that stuff SMELLS!

Funniest People You Know:

David and Kong

Fave Vacationing Spot:

the East Coast, anywhere far away from a large city, or from my parents :-)

Fave Subject:

AP Calculus AB (Mr. Pi is one of the best!) Then again, maybe I'm just really weird.

Fave Sport(s):

FOOTBALL!!! (to watch) Swimming! (to participate in)

Other Sport Games You Enjoy:

Figure Skating is fun to watch, but I really wish that Michele Kwan had won rather than that Tara person!

In And Around The CD Player:

I forget that I have one sometimes. The one in my computer currently has one of the 2 Romeo + Juliet soundtracks.

Fave "Toy":

my computer

Fave Book:

A Little Princess

Book I Would Like to Read:

Used to be Don Quixote, but I've read it and it's not all that great. Reliquary was next, I've recently finished it and it was a lot of fun. Then the book was Zombie Lover, which I've read and enjoyed. The new book is Ender's Shadow, which I'm working on now.

Fave Cartoon Characters:

Slappy the Squirrel, and the Good Feathers from Animanics

Fave Actor/Actress:

Tim Allen, Jim Carrey until Cable Guy but he is good in Truman Show, John Lithgow, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Michelle Geller (who were excellent in Cruel Intentions).

Fave Movies:

Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, The Mask, MiB, Mary Poppins, Cruel Intentions, MULAN!!

Fave Music Video:

Paranoid, Baby One More Time, Everybody (Backstreet's Back), Tearin' Up My Heart, <--- were it not for the joy and luxury known as a T1 line, I would never get to see them.

Fave Animal:

Dolphins, definitely NOT cats

Fave TV Show:

STAR TREK: VOYAGER!!!, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pretender

Fave Day:

July Fourth, My Birthday, Xmas... FRIDAY! =)

Fave Month(s):

October...even if it is one of my busiest months, December

Fave Holiday:

Christmas and Fourth of July

Fave Part Of Newspaper:

Scene, Comics, Front page

Fave Toothpaste:

Crest. Aren't you so glad you know that now?

Fave Thing To Wear:

Jeans, and a tank


If my typing looks a little weird it's because the T key isn't exactly working today, don't ask me why, but it just fades in and out. I think I finally managed to fix all of the missing T's. Yeah!!. Contrary to popular belief, I AM NOT A CARTOON. Now go back to my page and sign the guestbook!! It's LONELY!!!

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