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Search Engines

Altavista: Main Page-REALLY huge search engine
Yahoo-like a mini version of Altavista and easier to use
Lycos-best used as a literature search
Webcrawler-the very first internet search engine!
Ultimate Band List-A great place to look up your favorite bands
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sites

The Official Buffy Site-Nuff Said
Buffy Unlimited-The Ultimate Buffy Site, complete with one episode a week
The Very Suave, Very Not Pathetic, Slayerette Site-The best site for slayerette fanfic around
The Slayer's Fanfic Archive-Fan Fiction, this one staring Buffy and her friends!
We Make Our Own Fun-The best Willow and Oz site there is
Domain of the Slain-One of the best Buffy sites on the web
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Homework Helpers

John Steinbeck: The Califonia novels-A site that summarizes and analyzes Steinbeck's books that are set in California
Classic Short Stories-Online short stories
Psychedelic Realm - Scholastic Anarchy-I don't know exactly what this site can be classified as, but it can certainly be helpful!
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College Links

Hey look at some of the colleges I applied to and get some financial aid maybe.

Swarthmore College
Financial Aid and Scholarships - Home Page
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Stuff To Send

Free Email!-Hotmail-the best free e-mail on the web!
Mark's Bitch Letter Generator for women-A very fun site!
Bluemountian Electronic Greeting Cards-Wanna send a card to that special someone?
Marlo-Another electronic card place!
Cardbank-Another electronic card place!
Cyrano Server-A great place for the romantically tounge-tied
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Music Sites

Laura's MIDI Heaven!-This is one of the places I get my music from
The UltiMIDI TV and Movie Page - Links-Midi's from Movies and TV shows
*Brian's* MIDI Attic
Music Videos
MTV online-mostly clips, but has some full-length live performances
Rolling Stone Network: Video On Demand-full-length music videos in RealPlayer format
MUSICVIDEOS.COM-more full-length videos
Real Audio
Veronica Top100 Countdown-Streaming Audio of the top 100 hits
Marybeth's Memorable Melodies-Songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's both in streaming and in downloadable formats
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Ultimate Band List-Looking for that song lyric or band homepage?
Les Misérables-The Complete Multilingual Library
Laguna Creek Chat-A place mostly for Lagunarians, but anyone can come
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I do not endorse, nor am I responsible fot the content of the websites I have provided links to.
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