meet my friends

Naree's Nebula -This is my sister's page so you have to visit it.
The Strange Page -This is my roommate's page. I don't know about it being strange, but go take a look!
Are You Here For The Rush? -Bill's page. Pretty cool, and worth a visit. <-- currently down
Patrick's Webpage -A really nice page and a fan of Star Wars.
Tonto's Trailer -This is a really kewl (as my sister likes to say) page!
Space's webpage -Never updated.
Mister Spooge's/ Nougut's/ Sporkman's/ Taurus's Place/ kinda unkind -I don't know, he changes the name too often. Any way, the page of a guy who knows so much about HTML that it boggles me!
Sacramento Rocks! -My friend Ashley has a page about the bands in Sacramento. It's really informative and very good so visit. Plus it won a really cool award from a newspaper in Sacramento for best teenage website!! Go Ashley!!!
David's Page -The page of the guy who wrote "KICK ME" on my cast when I had a broken leg, but he's pretty nice and he page is pretty cool too. It's a new one, so you are warned. Lots of South Park Stuff too!
The World Of Taison Mor -A little dark, but I like this page.

If anyone has a page that they'd like me to add just e-mail me!